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Offensive Physical Security


(Ab)using Smart Cities: The Dark Age of Modern Mobility

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  • Opposing Force

    Opposing Force is the first Italian company specialized in offensive physical security services to proactively verify the security of buildings, data centers and facilities. Our Red Team adopts the best existing technologies to bypass alarm, video surveillance and access control systems; advanced social engineering’s techniques are instead employed to breach corporate’s security using psychological manipulation against employees and security guards.

  • Offensive Physical Security

    Our services allow the identification of technological and process issues that could be exploited by criminals to steal corporate’s assets such as data storage devices, prototypes, valuables or classified projects. The analysis method developed by our Red Team provides a unique view on corporate’s physical security, applying the same logic, intrusion strategies and technological resources used by professional thieves or spies.

security pillars

Building | Technology | Human
  • Building

    Fences, thermal imaging cameras, motion sensors, surveillance, electronic access control, security guards, alarm systems: every protection mechanism can hide security issues and so expose the most precious corporate’s assets to theft or damage from malicious people. Our red teaming services allow to proactively highlight these vulnerabilities, while providing a unique view on corporate’s physical security: the attacker’s one.

  • Technology

    The continued investment in vulnerabilities research and attack methodologies development allows our Red Team to employ the best skills and tools to evaluate the security of devices adopted to ensure physical security, such as alarm, surveillance, anti-intrusion and access control systems. Moreover, Opposing Force supports its Customers in the discovery and acquiring the most secure and reliable solution available on the market.

  • Human

    Corporate’s security implementation strategy cannot ignore the risk related to employees’ psychological manipulation attacks. Indeed, the best technological solutions are not capable to protect a corporate from human errors or ingenuity. Opposing Force adopts a highly structured methodology that allows highlighting an organization’s weaknesses, and to arrange a training path tailored for a specific corporate profile.